Religious Education

At MRA we teach the Hackney Agreed Syllabus


The purpose of the Agreed Hackney Syllabus

To establish entitlement
This syllabus sets out the entitlement to learning Religious Education for all pupils in community and voluntary controlled
schools in the borough, whatever their background, culture, race, religion or belief, gender, academic or learning ability.

To establish standards

This syllabus sets out for the benefit of parents, teachers, governors, employers and the public the expectations for learning
requirements and standards of attainment in Religious Education that are explicit. These standards should be used to plan,
sequence and monitor learning, to support assessment for learning and to set targets for improvement and evaluate the
progress towards them.

To promote continuity and coherence

This Syllabus seeks to contribute to and support a coherent curriculum. The learning in this syllabus has been set out to
support the transition of pupils between phases and stages of education and between schools, and can provide a foundation
for further study and lifelong learning.

To promote public understanding

The Syllabus aims to increase public understanding of, and confidence in, the work of schools in Religious Education. It
recognises the extent to which local stakeholders (religion and belief communities, teachers, local Councillors and the Local
Education Authority) are already involved in defining, monitoring and advising the Religious Education curriculum in schools
through the Hackney SACRE and the Hackney Agreed Syllabus Conference. It also encourages those who are interested to
participate in enriching the provision of Religious Education, for example through contributing to visits to places of worship
and providing speakers from belief and faith communities.