We believe success in maths for every child is possible. We have high expectations for all our children to both enjoy and be successful in maths. It is our belief that maths ability is not innate, but rather, increased through effort and hard work. Using the Mathematics Mastery approach, we believe children can become confident, enthusiastic and inquisitive learners. We aim for all children to leave school as confident mathematicians with the skills to achieve their aspirations, with a large proportion of young adults studying maths at university and entering mathematical based jobs in later life.

Curriculum Overview

We follow the Mathematics Mastery approach, developed by ARK schools. We believe in success for all and promote a growth mindset to develop resilience and confidence in mathematics for our pupils. We encourage children to become articulate in using mature mathematical language, which is developed through a mixture of independent tasks, partner work and whole class learning. We believe that teaching fewer topics in greater depth to promote rich, secure mathematical understanding. This high standard of mathematical language strengthens conceptual understanding and allows children to explain and reason their understanding. We are passionate about challenging children by supporting them to apply their mathematical knowledge in different ways.  Problem solving is essential for children to identify, apply and connect their ideas and to tackle new and more complex problems. Indeed, we encourage children to develop mathematical thinking so they can systemise, generalise and seek out patterns. Children are given time and a variety of opportunities to fully explore mathematical concepts and challenge comes from investigating ideas in new and complex ways, rather than accelerating through new topics. By exploring, representing and making connections using multiple representations, such as objects, pictures, numbers and symbols, in depth understanding and problem solving is developed.

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