Lost Property

It is very easy for children’s clothes, bags and lunch boxes to get mixed up. Please avoid this by clearly marking your child’s belongings with their name and class in permanent ink or via a sewn name label.

The school has a ‘lost property’ box which is located inside the main building. The office administrators, your child’s class teacher or teaching assistant are able to look for items but will not be able to search for items that are lost without names.

The lost property box is emptied at the end of each term, tables will be set out in the playground so that parents can sort through the labelled items, but also allows an opportunity for unnamed school uniform items to be donated back into the school community. A few school uniform items without a name are kept as ‘spares’.

Please be aware that any lost property that isn’t collected will be either given to charity or disposed of depending on its condition.

The school is unable to take responsibility for lost property (including: uniform items, coats, shoes, bags, lunch boxes, mobile phones, jewellery items and watches, hats, gloves, scarves, personal stationery, etc.)

If your child accidentally brings home an article of clothing belonging to someone else, please immediately send this back to school so it can be returned to its rightful owner.