Remote learning at MRA

Remote learning at MRA

At Mossbourne Riverside Academy (hereafter MRA); we aim for high quality teaching and learning. As an Academy we are committed to ensuring our children continue to learn at Mossbourne Riverside. Whilst learning is important, the communities’ well-being is at the forefront. We understand that there may be times of illness, caring for the vulnerable and caring for other children within the home and this must be the priority for the community. However, we will endeavour to support our learners at this time and continue to learn and grow.  

Pupils learn mathsliteracy and reading in the mornings, with the foundation curriculum taught in the afternoons.  All lessons will follow our curriculum.  Maths will continue to follow the ‘Maths Mastery’ approach.  Early years and KS1 will continue to receive phonics lessons and KS2 will follow the Literacy and Language scheme outline on the school’s website.  Spanish lessons will be taught to all KS2 classes in accordance to government requirements.  Humanities and science will be taught through the MRA foundation curriculum, allowing pupils to explore a wide range of topics. 


The remote education provided is equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school and will include both recorded or live direct teaching time, and time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently. The amount of remote education provided is, as a minimum: 

Key Stage 1: 3 hours a day on average across the cohort, with less for pupils in EYFS  

Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day  

Reception and year 1 pupils  have a flexible approach for completing work set.  This is because younger pupils require more adult input and adopting this approach takes the pressure off parents allowing them to support their children when possibleYear 2 and KS2 pupils are expected to attend 4.5 hours a day of live teaching with an expectation that children complete book tasks that would approximately take them 1 hour to do.   

Online learning will be accessed through google classroom.  Work and correspondence will be done through the virtual classroom.  Pupils receive live lessons in line with the remote learning timetable on google meets which are linked into the virtual classroom.  Each child has been issued a digital learning journal where work can be completed or uploaded to if working on hard copy.  Teachers will mark the journals daily and provided feedback to pupils.  Parent correspondence will continue through ParentPAM and the enquiries helpdesk of the Academy.   


Remote learning Timetables for Spring 1

EYFS Pupil timetable – Spring 1

Y1 Pupil timetable – Spring 1

Y2 Pupil timetable – Spring 1

Y3 Pupil timetable – Spring 1

Y4 Pupil timetable – Spring 1

Y5 Pupil timetable – Spring 1


Remote learning policy

The academy has a remote learning parent guidance.  Please click the link below to read it.

MRA-Remote-Learning-Parent Guidance

Please read the Acceptable use agreement for remote learning and live lessons.

AUP for Remote learning

Hard copy booklets for those with limited access to technology can be collected by parents from the school.  Please contact us in advance to allow us time to prepare these.